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Sun Worshipers Oil on Masonite 28"h x 36"w Sun Worshipers GaZbo $650 inquire
Roberta’s Sister Oil on Canvas 29"h x 25"w Roberta’s Sister GaZbo $575 inquire
Woman from Florida Keys Oil on Canvas 29"h x 25"w Woman from Florida Keys GaZbo $575 inquire
Jack Oil on Canvas 24"h x 20"w Jack GaZbo $500 inquire
Still Life Oil on Masonite 24"h x 24"w Still Life GaZbo $450 inquire
Vase of Flowers on Orange Oil on Canvas 26"h x 26"w Vase of Flowers on Orange GaZbo $450 inquire
Evening in Gloucester Oil on Masonite 24"h x 30"w Evening in Gloucester Joseph Di Gemma $3,500 inquire
Gloucester Dock Oil on Masonite 24"h x 36"w Gloucester Dock Joseph Di Gemma $7,500 inquire
Early Spring, Rockport, Massachusetts Oil on Masonite 24"h x 36"w Early Spring, Rockport, Massachusetts Joseph Di Gemma $3,500 inquire