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angel joseph calderon

An exhibition of over 25 works by Native American artist Angel Joseph Calderon (1923-2014) of Wickenburg, Arizona, documenting the everyday life and traditions of the Hopi and Pueblo cultures. Well-known Los Angeles art dealer Howard Morseberg frequently featured Calderon’s paintings in his Beverly Hills gallery. Calderon’s work was very popular with Hollywood celebrities as well as people in the affluent communities near Wickenburg and the Sedona Red Rocks region where Calderon painted.

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Calderon Label Calderon Label Calderon Label Joe Calderon $ inquire
Alone on the Mesa Oil on Canvas 18"h x 36"w Alone on the Mesa Joe Calderon $2,000 inquire
“Going to the Dance” Oil on Canvas 20"h x 16"w “Going to the Dance” Joe Calderon $750 inquire
Village Work Oil on Canvas 18"h x 24"w Village Work Joe Calderon $1,500 inquire
Woman with Wagon Oil on Canvas 18"h x 24"w Woman with Wagon Joe Calderon $1,500 inquire
“Fritz’s Clowns” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 18"w “Fritz’s Clowns” Joe Calderon $900 inquire
“Celebration on the Mesa” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 18"w “Celebration on the Mesa” Joe Calderon $1,500 inquire
“The Bean Dance” Oil on Canvas 24"h x 20"w “The Bean Dance” Joe Calderon $1,350 inquire
Horse Race Oil on Canvas 18"h x 36"w Horse Race Joe Calderon $1,350 inquire