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New York’s Manhattan Bridge Pastel on Paper 18-1/2"h x 25"w New York’s Manhattan Bridge Marjorie Very $1,500 inquire
Frog Pond, Boston Pastel on Paper 20"h x 26"w Frog Pond, Boston Marjorie Very $1,100 inquire
Farm with Silo Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Farm with Silo Charles Curtis Allen $1,000 inquire
Road Through Vermont Mountains Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Road Through Vermont Mountains Charles Curtis Allen $1,050 inquire
Deserted Farm, Harrisville, New Hampshire Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Deserted Farm, Harrisville, New Hampshire Charles Curtis Allen $1,050 inquire
Autumn Path Oil on Canvasboard 12"h x 16"w Autumn Path Charles Curtis Allen $1,250 inquire
Summer Arrangement Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w Summer Arrangement Vladmir Pavlosky $2,750 inquire
Nude at River Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w Nude at River Robert Nisbet $10,500 inquire
Maine Coast Oil on Canvas 20"h x 26"w Maine Coast Anton Otto Fischer $4,750 inquire