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Maine Coast Oil on Canvas 20"h x 26"w Maine Coast Anton Otto Fischer $4,750 inquire
“The Kang-Hsi Temple Jar” Oil on Canvas 30"h x 26"w “The Kang-Hsi Temple Jar” Margaret Owen $5,500 inquire
“The Flautist” Oil on Panel 22"h x 17"w “The Flautist” George Snow Hill $3,500 inquire
Birds of the Night Acrylic and Tempera on Canvas 24"h x 18"w Birds of the Night Karl Zerbe $4,200 inquire
American Still Life with Apples and Basket Oil on Canvas 14"h x 20"w American Still Life with Apples and Basket August Laux $4,500 inquire
“Still Life” Oil on Canvas 8"h x 12"w “Still Life” Robert Brackman $1,750 inquire
“Woman at Market” Oil on Panel 8"h x 6-1/4"w “Woman at Market” Ivan Olinsky $2,250 inquire
“Two Fish” Oil on Canvas 40"h x 28"w “Two Fish” Nahum Tschacbasov $4,500 inquire
“California Poppies” Oil on Canvas 25"h x 30"w “California Poppies” Francis William Vreeland $6,500 inquire