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May 12, 2016

May 12, 2016

Welcome to our first blog post! Our goal is to provide you with information so you can recognize quality pieces, buy with confidence, and trust the information you are given. Along the way we will feature artists we feel are important and interesting.

First, a short history of New England Gallery...

New England Gallery opened in 1969. Early on our focus was formal Americana furniture. As the years progressed, we expanded our merchandise to include fine art, silver, jewelry and decorative arts. What sets us apart from other antique galleries or stores is that we purchase everything privately, often from the original owners or families. This allows us to acquire artist estates, featuring many paintings, and objects that have never been on the market.

We offer appraisal services for private clients, as well as estate and trust attorneys. There is no charge for a verbal on-site appraisal. If your piece is too large to bring in or you have an estate, we can make an appointment at your convenience to come to you.

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