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Face of Chicago Oil on Canvas 20"h x 30"w Face of Chicago GaZbo $375 inquire
Portrait of an Islander Oil on Masonite 30"h x 20"w Portrait of an Islander GaZbo $500 inquire
Two Women at the Beach Oil on Masonite 30"h x 22"w Two Women at the Beach GaZbo $500 inquire
High Fives Oil on Masonite 24"h x 32"w High Fives GaZbo $400 inquire
Grouper Oil on Canvas Grouper GaZbo $750 inquire
Harbor Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w Harbor GaZbo $750 inquire
Face Oil on Canvas 40"h x 30"w Face GaZbo $500 inquire
Cog Muddle Oil on Canvas 26-1/2"h x 38-1/2"w Cog Muddle GaZbo $550 inquire
Cityscape Oil on Canvas 30"h x 40"w Cityscape GaZbo $800 inquire